Core Values

ACCEPTANCE – Welcome all with enthusiasm as Christ accepts us.
“This is a place where I feel like I belong.”

JESUS –FOCUSED – Transformed and deepen in your intimacy with Christ.
“This is a place where Jesus comes first.”

LOVE – Learning to love God and one another as God loves us.
“This is a place where I am loved.”

POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS –  You’re invited to be known, be heard, and be valued in a caring environment built for connecting with others by intentionally working to deepen our love for Christ and one another.
“This is a place where I matter.”

SCRIPTURAL FOUNDATION – In-depth learning and growing in our understanding of the living Word of God and applying it to our daily lives.
“This is a place where God speaks to me.”

DISCIPLESHIP – Making Jesus our focus and striving to be more like Him every day.
“This is a place where I see Jesus.”

FUN – Creating a fun environment for all people, finding joy in all we do.
“This is a place where I laugh.”

SERVICE – Following the example of Christ by serving others in the church, community, and world.
“This is a place where I am encouraged to make a difference.”